Welcome to our new website!

Central Colorado AHEC is proud to announce the launch of our new Logo and Website! Selected logo icons portraying health professions, family, online education, and community make it clearer to the public who we are and what we do. Additionally, we wanted to align our logo more closely with the National AHEC Organization.

After many years of piecing together different sections of our old website, the decision was made to enter the modern age. Our new site is much more user friendly and responsive! This means that no matter the size of screen, or the device you use, our website will adapt to you. We have a lot of information on our site and we hope the new layout, and aesthetics, allow you to find what you are looking for more easily. Another great benefit of our new, more modern website is the ability to quickly update and add information. Be sure to check back often because there just might be something new to discover!

At Central Colorado AHEC, our mission is to create and implement educational programs; addressing the dynamic needs of students, providers, and community members. Our new logo and website help to serve that mission more than ever.

Do you want to make a difference in your community?

Help connect students to careers, professionals to communities, and communities to better health.

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