Community Opioid Response Program in Action

Our Community Opioid Response Program has been expanding partnerships within the state of Colorado. Recently we have partnered with the Harm Reduction Action Center in Denver. The Harm Reduction Center supplies the community with sterile water, clean needles, naloxone, and many more necessary supplies that make drug use safer. These supplies prevent the spread of HIV, Hepatitis and other diseases which are spread through blood. Their ability to dispense free naloxone has saved countless lives in the community.
The AmeriCorps team was excited to support their efforts by supporting the “Harm Reduction Bad Ass Awards” event with set up and take down. The team was able to meet many people who have been helping to make great strides in tackling the opioid crisis in Colorado. The event raised thousands of dollars and Dr. Robert Valuck, Masayo Nishiyama, Joanne Clark, and Dr. Jane Kennedy were recognized for their efforts in combating the opioid crisis.

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Colorado Gives Day is December 10. We would be honored if you chose to donate to CCAHEC this year.

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