Student Housing Host Spotlight: Anne Marie Polich

Student Housing Host Spotlight: Anne Marie Polich

“The young students I host are on their road to success. They will make a difference in the world! The students that come through make my life richer and help me to feel optimistic for the future.” – Anne Marie Polich

CCAHEC’s student housing program wouldn’t be possible without our gracious hosts. This month, we’d like you to meet Anne Marie Polich. She’s been a host for 5 years now!
“Anne Marie is exactly what you look for in a host. She is a nice, flexible, welcoming, and overall great human being,” said Mitch Fittro, CCAHEC Education and Workforce Manager. Anne was kind enough to answer a few questions about her time as a host.
Personal Background – My husband passed away 5 years ago, and I felt lonely in my 4-bedroom house. I wanted to share my house with someone who needed it. My neighbor told me about CCAHEC housing program and I signed up. I am a life coach and love to talk to younger people about their goals & experiences.

How long have you been a host? – 5 years ago this January. It has been a great experience! I’m glad I came on board. I have had some LOVELY young people in my house and appreciate the additional income. I am a neat person and was hesitant at first about having extra people around.  But the students have been respectful of my space and easy to get along with.  They clean up after themselves and I have benefited from their company.

Why did you decide to become a host? – As stated before, I wanted to share my house and receive extra income. I have enjoyed the cultural experiences that hosting students from different backgrounds allows. I have had international students in the past as well as American students.

What’s your favorite part of hosting medical students? – The students are mature and able to be considerate of my space and my needs (like cleaning the kitchen when they use it). I enjoy conversations with them when they get home in the evening after their shift at work. I feel comfortable and safe no matter which student I’ve hosted (especially as a single woman). I’ve made dinner for my students on occasion so that I can get to know them better.  And, sometimes we go a couple of days without seeing each other much.  I’ve been pleased that none of them has had parties.

Obviously, you’re not in it for the money, so what makes it worth it? – It has helped me financially, but it is rewarding in other ways. The young students I host are on their road to success. They will make a difference in the world! The students that come through make my life richer and help me to feel optimistic for the future.

Do you have any favorite student anecdotes? – One student told me all about his dating life for several hours at a time and it was a hoot! He was so loving and tender; his dating antics were quite enjoyable. I had a previous student go to the Asian market and fix me an authentic Vietnamese dinner. That was a treat!

Any words for people considering becoming hosts? – If you are someone who can open your heart to a responsible student in need of housing, don’t hesitate!  I can’t think of a downside! The students are professional and have been through a lot to get to this point. They know how to adjust to different situations with their varied rotations. You are almost guaranteed to get a quality person in your house, which is worth a lot.  And you might get attached!  I still have students who text me about what they are doing – long after graduation.

Hosts needed for student housing in the Longmont, CO area.
If you are interested click here to sign up.

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