Student Housing

Low Cost Housing for Students

Agree to provide:

24 hour access to a home

Furnished locking bedroom

Bathroom may be individual or shared

Non-smoking environment

Kitchen privileges

Agree to:

No overnight guests or pets

Be courteous to the host home and family

Pass background checks

No expectation of meals

Provide own transportation

Housing Process

  1. Students register for rotations in your community
  2. CCAHEC will contact you with a student’s name and dates of stay
  3. If you accept, CCAHEC will send you detailed information on the student
  4. You make arrival confirmations with the student
  5. You and the student confirm arrival with CCAHEC
  6. You receive a check in the mail from CCAHEC
  7. Host homes are independent contractors with CCAHEC

Partner Schools

Contact Info

Mitch Fittro, Housing Coordinator, careers@centralcoahec.org, 720-863-8199